The beginnings
Biography by Giselda Lucatello The beginnings
"You have to dirty your hands to make your mind clean – but in painting there’s everything".
He said so when he was twenty and continued to believe it for the rest of his life.
It was a priest from his parish, “I Frari”, who noticed that that child, who in other ways was very lively, would frequently stand for long moments completely absorbed in front of the huge paintings which seemed even bigger in the half light of the Basilica. The priest handed him his first books with reproductions, and from then on Lucatello began “to think through painting”. Literally. The sign on paper, the colour on canvas, for him were the culture of sublimation: through painting spouts out the history of man, his primitive anxiety, the joyful shiver of feeling alive.
In the numbed atmosphere of the Art Institute, when the war was still on and there was a smell of mould in the stagnation of autarkic culture , he developed the dogged mistrust, the disorderly rebellion – that would become his way of being – towards everything that was predetermined: only in continuous rebirth, however difficult and painful it may be for the mind, is there the hope of change.
His talents as a painter were not debated. On the contrary. But teachers didn’t accept his obstinate autonomy in formal research, his vehement disobedience of method in a school directed towards the “craft”. At the diploma they told him “go to the Academy” and failed him with virtuous determination.



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