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The photographs of the works shown in this site are by:
– Riccardo Toffoletti
– Roberto Michelizza
– Claudio Gallo (Cameraphoto, Venice)
– Studio Giacomelli

The photos of Albino Lucatello of the Venetian period are by Claudio Gallo.

The photos of Albino Lucatello taken in the studio at Treppo Grande and which are recognisable by the presence of the series of the “Musi” are by Aurelio Candido, Rome.

The photo of Franco Solmi is taken from “Letters for Franco Solmi” by Luciano Padovese, published by the Art Gallery The Field of Miracles Pisa in 1990.

The photo of Sergio Altieri is by Paolo Gasparini and is taken from the book by Sergio Altieri The incautious simplification, published by Campanotto Editore, Udine, 2000.

The photos of Cesare Mocchiutti and Renzo Viezzi are taken from “Mocchiutti”, catalogue printed by “Colussa Art Gallery”, Maniago, Grafiche Lema, 1993, with photos by Assirelli, Toffoletti and Colussa.

Nicolette S. James
Rebecca N. Kay
Amanda M. Hunter
Giselda Lucatello


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